Flying Goose Media is a commercial cinematography company that specializes in drone/aerial content creation. The business was founded and is run by two brothers, Conner and Kory Goossens, who have been creating content as a passionate hobby for almost their entire lives. Starting off and sticking with nothing more than the cameras on their smartphones for years taught the brothers to become very resourceful with the tools they had at hand. The first upgrade came in early 2017 when they decided to purchase a commercial drone to use in their content. After each doing personal videos for just over 4 years the two then started working with local businesses to create many forms of content ranging from advertisements to live event coverage. After seeing the steady profit already being generated from their paid videos the brothers then decided to take it seriously and create “Flying Goose Media” in late 2019 along with the help from companies like “Back Pocket Studio”, “Promark Business Solutions” and “Pendragon Solutions Ltd.”.

Who We Are